Monday, July 28, 2014

Call Me Queenie!

This assignment was redone a few times and refined into a more specific styling. ES (Ava) began with giving me homework to style a garbage couture. When that didn't turn out exactly as she had hoped, the homework assignment was refined to read: Garbage Avant Garde. I revised even that to the final version: Burlesque Garbage Avant Garde, which follows:

Enter Queenie.

What over-the-hill, has-been Burlesque queen doesn't want to keep that allure of the burlesque ... even if she is now homeless? This outfit that I call Burlesque Garbage Avant Garde is the result of scavenging the garbage behind the old opera house, and I think I look fabulous! Just saying!

The garbage can and top that is my main attire from DUMP UNISEX-CESTO DE RESIDUOS WEAR OUTFIT** and includes --

Garbage Bag Dress Green shirt, designer kȯTa (dakotabourbaki).

Designer Selva (selva.magic):
LEATHER Underpants
tapa de residuos
!dM deviousMind, designer Chandra Meehan -

!dM deviousMind "SavageRose" **PINK**
!dM SavageRose - headPiece **PINK**
!dM Savage Rose posture Collar mesh **BLACK**
!dM SavageRose - featherCollar

!dM deviousMind "Lolita" wristWraps **LILAC**

!dM deviousMind "Starlette" FeatherBoa **PINK SHADES**

!dM deviousMind "PreciousCrawlers - spiderjewels **PINK**

!dM deviousMind "Lady Vayne" **PINK** 
!dM Vayne - peacock Ruffles **PINK**
!dM Vayne - peacockTail **PINK**
Couture Vortex Pink, designer Precious Restless.
Falling petals pink shoulder


Shoes -
Baboom-rigMesh-heel-silver for slink medium feet., designer Kyra Carnell (kyra.camel).

Makeup -
.:Glamorize:. Victorian Vamp Blood Lips
[Slash Me] Body & Face Dirt - Tattoo Layer
:::M2M_YC/Dirty Face:::
Boudoir's Hairy lashes, designer Vitabela Dubrovna.

Hair -
Boudoir's Sweet Irma hair baby pink.

*TL* little miss dirty-bandana for leg, designer Laineyy Lorefield.


Queenie reminds me of an old song by Tanya Tucker ... Delta Dawn. Look it up!

A Walk on the Dark Side

My dear ES (Ava Jhamin) gave me this assignment: Style a Heroin Chic outfit. Well, I'd never heard of heroin chic, though I do remember Kate Moss and the controversy over her very waif-ish look. So with her in mind and my new best friend, google, here is my version:

My idea of heroin chic is that the skin might be a bit pasty, the eyes sunken and sporting dark circles, and the body waif-ish, emphasized by sunken cheeks and a thinness overall. I imagine that my hair might be a mess and giving the appearance that I've just awakened from a heroin stupor or have untidy bed hair ... a bit on the greasy side. This style exudes to me the chance to go a bit dark and gothic, which I did with a light tattoo on one cheek. I added a necklace that again hints of the gothic. My shorts and leather bra are topped by a black shirt that crissrosses in the front. A leather jacket covers the bony shoulder blades and outline of ribs. Ragged fishnet stockings and ankle boots complete the look. 

ZULOO PLACARD High Waist Shorts in black, designer Fiona (p0izonmyst).

sf designs leather lingerie bra black, designer swaffette Firefly.

!Sassy!! Heat dress upper - black, designer Ivy Burner.

INDI Designs - Leather jacket black, designer Jamie Holmer.


Shoes -
BAX Ankle Boots, designer Bax Coen.

Leggings -
[ abrasive ] Wrecked Holy Fishnet, designer Ƚịịʟịị Ϻόɳṩϯᴇʀ-Ɠʀᴉмᴇs (liiliiamore).

Hair -
*ARGRACE* HIKARI - black, designer rika Oyen.

Jewelry -
FB - Misty necklace - gothic, designer serenity Kaufmat.

Makeup -
::ParaDesigns:: Stars Face Tattoo
Kyxe Alabaster Blush
Madrid Solo-Lips- Soft Kisses 11
.:Glamorize:. Heavy Black Combo - Eyes

How'd I do?

Summertime Fun

Challenged to create a system shirt and pants and style it with Michael Kors' spring/summer 2014 fashion line in mind, I ended up with the following. (Ava, you are a hard taskmaster!)

My inspiration for this styling began with a swingy skirt, Michael Kors style, and of course, purse, shoes and glasses. The hardest part was to create a system shirt and pants that would employ the spring/summer theme.

My outfit began with a system shirt and pants in a transparent lace pattern, therefore to act as a light decorative under layer to enhance the outfit, not detract from it. I colored the shirt and pants a light taupe and topped them with a silky skirt from [AB] in pale satin and a cumberbund from *League* in a taupe chiffon. Topping the lacy system shirt is a short jacket from Baiastice in a camel color. The neutral colors of the separates give the outfit a soft and romantic look for spring. The black bow choker not only adds a note of interest, but also covers the rough neckline of the system shirt.

Baiastice_Kaji Jacket - camel, designer Sissy Pessoa.

[AB] MESH Summer Skirt - pale satin, designer Marie-Maie Louise de Lachenaie (missqwerty.pevensey).

*League* Vintage Chiffron Belt - Taupe, designer Nena Janus.


Glasses -

Purse -
[Bizarre Creations] Butterfly Effect Bag

Choker -
!!DragansVarg!! HenriettaMcGawle Choker, desginer DragansVarg (thorsten.ducatillon).

Shoes -
_CD_Oxygen Black for slink mid feet.

Hair -
Vanity Hair: The Meadows- Blacks, designer Tabata Jewell.

Jewelry - 
JCNY - Haute Monde, 'PRIVATA, Pearl Stud Earrings.

Makeup -
Izzie's - Glitter Eye Make-Up smokey
Izzie's - Cat Eyeliner

Nails for slink hands and feet -

I think it looks kinda cute.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Where Have All the Flowers Gone?

Floral Fantasy 

Inspired by the flower child deep within me, I looked for something that would represent the theme, as well as satisfy that old need in me to go to the edge and look over the cliff. The lovely Head Garden was perfect, almost a living thing with the butterflies floating about the bunches of flowers. Next came the blousy boho top from {katatonic}, and then the short flirty little denim skirt from Happy Undead, faded, of course, from time spent outdoors in the fields of flowers our flower child loves to trip through. The tights from ~Cannibelle~drag the eye downward to the trendy wedges that are bursting with blossoms and style. All in all, the floral fantasy of summer flowers and pastels reigns. What a chic and cute outfit to wear on a trek across that pasture of wild flowers!

Skirt - Girly Skirt in bleached denim from Happy Dead, designer Carra Fargis.

Blouse - {katatonic} boho blouse in vintage floral, designer kat (kat.passariello).

Tights - ~Cannibelle~ Toile de Jouy Tights - Pink (tattoo layer), designer Annabelle Couturier.

Hair - Head Garden from Boudoir.

Jewelry - *!VINTAGE JEWELS Lulu Pink Earrings, Necklace and Ring, designer RKitty Lisa (rkthings.crystal).

Shoes - ::BnB:: Heather wedges for Slink High feet.

Makeup - Eyeliner - Nubian 3
::DS:: Velvet Lush Eyeshadow

Monday, July 7, 2014

I Can Fly!

This is another assignment from ES (Ava Jhamin). I was to style an outfit by combining Avant Garde with Steampunk, and I had to use at least two designers for the mixing and matching of clothing. Here is the result:

Inspired by the colors of brown, gold and black, I used these to build this unusual outfit. Definitely avant garde, for there is no way anyone could hug and even walk closely together with the Caged Angel Wire skirt from FP (FasterPussy) designer Honey Bender-Auer. FallnAngel Creations' designer Azriel Demain created the lovely wings that make this steampunk outfit have no need of a flying machine. The Mesh Steampunk Long Coat completes the main part of the outfit. Designer Parallaxx of Phunk made me fall in love with this striped long coat with the wide leather belt. Of course no steampunk is complete without gears, which adorn the bowler hat and eye patch. Black jewelry from Finesmith include the JOY necklace and earrings and keep our concept from going flat. Avant garde shoes designed by MIAMAI are called Adore Black and include tights that cover the legs and feet.

[Phunk] Mesh Steampunk Long Coat, designer Parallaxx.

FP (FasterPussy) CAGED ANGEL Wire Skirt, part of the FP CAGED ANGEL Dress, designer Honey Bender-Auer.


Shoes - MIAMA_Ardore Shoes in black for SLink high feet.

Wings: FallnSyrielWingsBlackGolden, designer Azriel Demain. 

Hat - Steampunk Bowler Hat from II Scriptorium - Scripts Gadgets & Gizmos.

Gloves: !!DragansVarg!! HenriettaMcGawley steampunk short old Gloves.

Eyepatch - Bombard Clockwork Eyepatch.

Jewelry - Finesmith JOY earrings and necklace in black, designer Yula Finesmith.

Hair - .:EMO-tions:. Hairbase 9 short black.

Makeup - *LpD* MakeUp - *Preziosa* complete.
- *LpD* MakeUp - *Preziosa* Eyes Mask.
- cheLLE - (blush) Big Night Out (Velvet).

You Lookin' at Me?!

I started taking an advanced styling class from L'Amour Nexus recently. This was part of my first assignment from ES, my nickname for the incomparable Ava Jhamin. I was to style an outfit for A Day in the Park Casual Chic. Of course, mixing and matching of three separate designers was a requirement. This is my version of such a styling, including the attitude that goes with it.

I was inspired for this casual day in the park outfit by the cool weather of the autumn, though not the colors. I picked liquid mesh metallic black jeans by Redgrave because they're slightly sexy and yet warm and casual enough to wear for a day outdoors. The K-Code Jaye jacket in black is the perfect cover up for bare arms, and because it's cropped short, it allows the colorful tube top by [Cynful] to make a color popping statement. Boots seemed over the top for walking the park trails and quiet moments spent at a picnic table while contemplating the beauty of nature, so I chose simple high heeled sandals with thick straps to keep the outfit casual and comfy.

K-CODE JAYE 3 cropped mesh jacket, designer Kara Dresler.

[Cynful] Casual Tube top in hot pink mesh, designer Cynthia Ultsch.

Jeans LQM metallic black from Redgrave designer Emilia Redgrave.


Shoes - Pure Poison - Alexandra Heels in black for Slink high feet.

Jewelry - <P3> Erotica collar - black.
- Lucifer earrings from Alienbear.

Hair - *ARGRACE* Minato - Black.

Nails - Hello Dave for sLink hands - High Gloss Pink - # 10.

Makeup - Lybra Face Model #1 eye shadow.
- .:Glamorize:. Onyx Eyeliner - #4.
- Izzie's - Geanna Lipgloss lilac.