Thursday, September 17, 2015

Muse, Sing the Deeds!

Muse, sing the deeds of golden Aphrodite,
Who wakens with her smile the lulled delight

Of sweet desire, taming the eternal kings
Of Heaven, and men, and all the living things
That fleet along the air, or whom the sea, 
Or earth, with her maternal ministry,

Nourish innumerable, thy delight
All seek ... O crowned Aphrodite!
- Homer's Hymn to Venus by Percy Bysshe Shelley

* * *

Dress:  Ever An' Angel Versailles - Bleu

Jewelry:  Zuri Rayna-Madeline-Champagne/Gold - Necklace, Earrings, and Bracelet
(Available at Swank Event now; will be in store afterwards!)
Zuri Rayna~Aphrodite~Goddess of Love Wedding Ring

Shoes:  DANIELLE Lady Mona Majestic

Hair:  enVOGUE HAIR - Naarnisse

IKON Perspective Eyes - Gold

Make-up:  Oasis Wet Lip Tattoo by ATIA's
.:Glamorize:. Radiant Light - Blue

Hello Dave: Slink Avatar Enhancement- Rich Pinks (F): Applying 19

KaTink - Photo Studio 1.0

* * *

Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Old Hippie

He's an old hippie
And he don't know what to do
Should he hang on to the old
Should he grab on to the new

He's an old hippie
This new life is just a bust
He ain't trying to change nobody
He's just trying real hard to adjust

He's an old hippie
This new life is just a bust
He ain't trying to change nobody
He's just trying real hard to adjust, 
yeah he ain't tryin' to change nobody, he's just...

* * *

Outfit:  Roots & Wings - Sassafras Blouse & Pants

Jewelry:  Zuri Rayna~ Burlesque Alexandrite-Sterling - Necklace & Earrings

Shoes:  Zibska - Kiele Foot Straps for Slink high feet (color hud)

Hair:  ""D!va"" Hair "Nicole" (Type B)(Onyx) (ribbon color change)

Eyes:  IKON Ascension Eyes - Sahara

Makeup:  !Face Paint Smoked Beauty 5
 !Face Paint Couture Eye Gray
Nails:  Nailed It - Slink - Love Donna Flora! HUD (wear) - Pearl

Furniture:  Outside the Box!
otb! hippie couch pg
otb! hippie table
you are my sunshine poster

KaTink - Cabin 5 background
KaTink Photo Studio v1.0

* * *

* * *

Thursday, September 10, 2015

I Put a Spell on You

I put a spell on you because you're mine
You better stop the things that you do
I ain't lyin', no, I ain't lyin'

I just can't stand it babe
The way you're always runnin' 'round

I just can't stand it, the way you always put me down
I put a spell on you because you're mine.

* * *

Dress:  FlowerDreams Adriana - white & black

Shoes:  N-core EDEN Black for Slink High feet

Jewelry:  Zuri Rayna - Venice Rose Ruby Necklace, Bracelet & Earrings

Hair:  Morana Hair from Vita's Boudoir

Eyes:  Oceane - Liquid eyes Hoodoo Fantasy

Makeup:  ! Face Paint Bronze Plum Eyeshadow
Izzie's - Lipstick dark red

Nails:  A:S:S - Slink fingernails - Victorian Velvet - 2

Poses: PNP - Luna by Maliah Aviatik Morane (maliah.naidoo)

Background: KaTink - Bayou5

* * *

* * *

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Beauty Clear and Warm

Her life-breathing [limbs] did flow 
In the harmony divine
Of an ever-lengthening line

Which enwrapped her perfect form
With a beauty clear and warm. 
- Percy Bysshe Shelley


* * *

Dress:  Snowpaws - Boutique Day Frock - Red 
(dress also comes in Cream Linen, Grey Pinstripe, Mauve, Mint, Pale Blue, and White)

Jewelry:  Zuri Rayna- Asha Collection - Brass (Necklace, Bracelet, Earrings)

Shoes:  [.Twisted Barbie.] - Rebel Heels in black (for slink high feet)

Hair:  "LoQ Hairs" Liqueur - Black
(LoQ is now called LoQ'ue and this hair must be retired; but many great hairs at the main store)

Eyes:  IKON Perspective Eyes - Gold

Makeup:  !Face Paint Smoked Beauty 3
Contour Blush - Red Mid

Nails:  ghee Essential Nails HUD [SLINK] Scarlet Woman - Red Gloss 3

* * *

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Dancing in the Dark

Come on
I wanna dance in the dark
Come on
We're gonna light up the night
Come on
I wanna dance in the dark
Come on
We're gonna light up the night
-- lyrics Dancing in the Dark

Some dresses scream out for dancing.
DANIELLE's Estelle Lace Cream is one such gown.
The floating lacy skirt falls from a bodice 
of  cream colored silk that caresses and hugs.

My favorite jeweler never ceases to amaze.
Zuri Rayna's Mist Elite collection 
has a metal and gem changing option that will make 
your jewelry match any dress you choose to wear.

I love Zuri's Tiara of the Mist that can be 
made to match the Mist Elite collection perfectly.

 Wouldn't you love to dance in the dark in this lovely gown?

* * *

Dress:  DANIELLE Estelle Lace Cream gown 
(This dress is available also at Jewels Isle Premiere Shopping District)

Shoes:  Slink Siren Stilettos Nude Gold

Jewelry:  Zuri Rayna~ Mist Elite Necklace, Earrings & Bracelet
Zuri Rayna~Tiara of the Mist - Elite

Hair:  enVOGUE HAIR - Charlotte

Makeup:  Izzie's - Glitter Eye Make-Up pink
*Birth* Charity Skin (CreamTone) Lips M4

Poses:  DeePosed - [DP] Centerfold 14
{NanTra} Bombshell 3

Windlight:  Barcelona

The Balut Body Light - v 1.01

* * *

* * *