Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Tempest

The tempest has a restless heart
And a turbulent soul
And never will her fury end
Until she has complete control.
Her savage winds, they rake the earth
Her omnipotent gale, is
Guided by her careful hands, and
Never will she fail.

Even the clouds cry out to her
Like the trees who moan so wearily
'Will you never stop, Tempest? 
Will you never cease? '

The tempest, she ignores them
But then turns back in a whirl
With a vengeful conscience
And an angry snarl

'Never, never, never! Never, not until, 
I have the world within my grasp, and then I'll have it all.'
Then with a roar, a scream, a growl, she turned back upon, 
Them and said, 'Not until the whole world is in my hands, and the whole world I only have.' 
-- Sara Dickson

* * *

Dress and Shoes:
Roots & Wings Tempest Dress from Eliza Cabassoun
Tempest Slink Mid Heels

Chop Zuey - Heart & Soul Texture Change Set (Necklace, Bracelet & Earrings)

*ARGRACE* MAKOTO / Women - Classy Brown

IKON Hope Eyes - Moor

Izzie's - Cat Eyeliner
Izzie's - Glitter Eye Make-Up pink
Camellia Wet Lip Tattoo from Atia

Frozen - Face Poses
PosESioN Poses - Eclipse Set
Location:  Dominus

Windlight: AnaLu - outdoor city

 * * *

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