Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Out on the Town

I set all my regrets on fire
Cause I know I'll never take the time
To unpack my missteps and call all of our friends
I figured they would take your side

I make the bed, just not that well
Your name comes up a lot
When I talk to my mom
Oh, I think she can tell

I was out on the town
So I came to your window last night
I tried not to throw stones
But I wanted to come inside
Now I'm causing a scene
Thinking you need a reason to smile
Oh no, what have I done?
There's no one to keep me warm

* * *

For Revamped (May 28-June 20)

LAVIAN - AW1516 - Run On Love
Includes boots and texture changing hud for dress
(with mesh body appliers)

Also at Revamped:
~Tantalum~ Karu Neckace

**D!va** *Chika4* (Type B)

Kodaijin Makeup - Yume Ni - Silver Darker (also at Revamped)
::DS:: Vignoles Glossed Lips
Amacci - Runway Blush Tattoo - Mauve
[KOOQLA] Z-eyeliner (Black) 01

IKON Hope Eyes - Ice

* * *

* * *

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