Monday, July 28, 2014

A Walk on the Dark Side

My dear ES (Ava Jhamin) gave me this assignment: Style a Heroin Chic outfit. Well, I'd never heard of heroin chic, though I do remember Kate Moss and the controversy over her very waif-ish look. So with her in mind and my new best friend, google, here is my version:

My idea of heroin chic is that the skin might be a bit pasty, the eyes sunken and sporting dark circles, and the body waif-ish, emphasized by sunken cheeks and a thinness overall. I imagine that my hair might be a mess and giving the appearance that I've just awakened from a heroin stupor or have untidy bed hair ... a bit on the greasy side. This style exudes to me the chance to go a bit dark and gothic, which I did with a light tattoo on one cheek. I added a necklace that again hints of the gothic. My shorts and leather bra are topped by a black shirt that crissrosses in the front. A leather jacket covers the bony shoulder blades and outline of ribs. Ragged fishnet stockings and ankle boots complete the look. 

ZULOO PLACARD High Waist Shorts in black, designer Fiona (p0izonmyst).

sf designs leather lingerie bra black, designer swaffette Firefly.

!Sassy!! Heat dress upper - black, designer Ivy Burner.

INDI Designs - Leather jacket black, designer Jamie Holmer.


Shoes -
BAX Ankle Boots, designer Bax Coen.

Leggings -
[ abrasive ] Wrecked Holy Fishnet, designer Ƚịịʟịị Ϻόɳṩϯᴇʀ-Ɠʀᴉмᴇs (liiliiamore).

Hair -
*ARGRACE* HIKARI - black, designer rika Oyen.

Jewelry -
FB - Misty necklace - gothic, designer serenity Kaufmat.

Makeup -
::ParaDesigns:: Stars Face Tattoo
Kyxe Alabaster Blush
Madrid Solo-Lips- Soft Kisses 11
.:Glamorize:. Heavy Black Combo - Eyes

How'd I do?

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