Monday, July 28, 2014

Summertime Fun

Challenged to create a system shirt and pants and style it with Michael Kors' spring/summer 2014 fashion line in mind, I ended up with the following. (Ava, you are a hard taskmaster!)

My inspiration for this styling began with a swingy skirt, Michael Kors style, and of course, purse, shoes and glasses. The hardest part was to create a system shirt and pants that would employ the spring/summer theme.

My outfit began with a system shirt and pants in a transparent lace pattern, therefore to act as a light decorative under layer to enhance the outfit, not detract from it. I colored the shirt and pants a light taupe and topped them with a silky skirt from [AB] in pale satin and a cumberbund from *League* in a taupe chiffon. Topping the lacy system shirt is a short jacket from Baiastice in a camel color. The neutral colors of the separates give the outfit a soft and romantic look for spring. The black bow choker not only adds a note of interest, but also covers the rough neckline of the system shirt.

Baiastice_Kaji Jacket - camel, designer Sissy Pessoa.

[AB] MESH Summer Skirt - pale satin, designer Marie-Maie Louise de Lachenaie (missqwerty.pevensey).

*League* Vintage Chiffron Belt - Taupe, designer Nena Janus.


Glasses -

Purse -
[Bizarre Creations] Butterfly Effect Bag

Choker -
!!DragansVarg!! HenriettaMcGawle Choker, desginer DragansVarg (thorsten.ducatillon).

Shoes -
_CD_Oxygen Black for slink mid feet.

Hair -
Vanity Hair: The Meadows- Blacks, designer Tabata Jewell.

Jewelry - 
JCNY - Haute Monde, 'PRIVATA, Pearl Stud Earrings.

Makeup -
Izzie's - Glitter Eye Make-Up smokey
Izzie's - Cat Eyeliner

Nails for slink hands and feet -

I think it looks kinda cute.

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