Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Shades of Amanda

Every woman has many shades of herself.
Men have been discovering that since the beginning of time.
FlowerDreams' creator Nile Karas has created
four looks from the same dress
just by changing the colors.
As a woman can change the color of her hair,
now she can have four shades of this same wonderful dress.
The Amanda dress not only gives us a new way to mix and match colors, 
but a glimpse of the wearer's leg in the deal.
Some days our Amanda might be in a sweet mood.
Those days she can choose between the Amanda dress 
in mauve ... or in pink icing.

Other days, she might wish for a more vibrant palette of color.
On those days, she can select either the brightness of red
... or the brilliance of orange.

I've decided not to list all the accessories for this post.
Instead I will credit the jewelry only:
Zuri Rayna-Santa Baby Choker/White Pearls/Crimson/Sterling with Earrings
(worn with Amanda in red)
Zuri Rayna Equestian Cameo Necklace, Earrings & Bracelet
(worn with other three Amanda dresses)

Thanks, Nile and Zuri, for giving me 
beautiful things to blog about! 
You can find both stores on Jewels Isle.

* * *

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