Friday, December 25, 2015

Who Is April Sue?

(disclaimer:  This is a different kind of blog post.  Read at your own risk!)

Who Is April Sue?

I am the same person on the inside as a real life person named Carol Anne. The difference is only visual.  Like many people, I come to SL to feed my creative spirit and to enjoy a world where my arthritis and aging body don't hold me back.

Here in SL I work to earn a few extra lindens, but also to enrich my soul.  I love helping people and dressing up.  I love helping designers sell their clothing.  To me, if just one person buys an outfit I've modeled or blogged, then I am as happy as a pig rolling around in mud.

I don't usually enter pageants or contests.  The judging is by nature subjective, and we all have our own opinions and biases.  If care is not taken, the confidence of the contestant can be destroyed.  I'm into raising people up, not tearing them down.  However ...

I trust the people behind MMI (Mr and Miss Model International) and love the concept of MMI ... the being yourself part.  I love constructive criticism, which is what I seek here.  Always trying to improve my skills and become the best model and representative of this creative industry that I can be, I am entering simply as a means of receiving the feedback and the joy of challenging myself again.

So here I am.  Just me.  Just April Sue, aka Carol Anne.  Just an older woman who loves this world where we can be anyone, do anything, and create our own worlds and destinies.  And the most important benefit of all?  Meeting REAL people and making friends from around the world.  

* * *

This is April Sue - ME - on a typical day in SL. 
You will find me scrambling to style an outfit so that I can produce a blog post that might make someone want to go buy that designer's clothing or hair or shoes etc.
So I chose this casual yet stylish outfit to wear for my pictures, as well as the short hair that I love.
Also I chose a background that makes me happy.

In real life I don't live in a typically snow country environment, so here in SL I can spend my days exploring the world that isn't in my RL. 
I love casual clothing that is a bit funky, with jewelry that makes a statement.
Yet, I also like to throw in bits of classy jewelry (such as the diamond earrings in these pics).

* * *

Ghee Fall15 Carbon Draped Cardigan & Blouse
Ghee Fall15 Carbon Suede Legging Boots

Diamond Drop Earrings from Chop Zuey

*ARGRACE* MAKOTO / Women - Mocha

Shape is my own.

Skin from Belleza

Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.3 - Casual

IKON Hope Eyes - Black

-Glam Affair - Elit Lipstick - 11
Amacci - Runway Blush Tattoo - Red

* * *

* * *

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