Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Fall for Fall

I think one of the things I love about Sabra Style is the designer Kylie Sabra's ability to use texture in her creations. 
This deceptively simple slacks and sweater outfit has so much detail and texture that you can almost feel the fabric right through your viewer screen. 

The Moira sweater and slacks in tawny by Sabra Style are just the things to wear as we fall into fall.

I love the detail on the hip pockets and the open back of the sweater.

I've paired some lovely jewelry from Maxi Gossamer with this autumn outfit. I love the way the necklace and earrings and huge ring carry through on my favorite color palette of browns, golds, oranges ... fall through and through.

Who wouldn't enjoy wandering through a forest path or garden overtaken by the season wearing this lovely set? I know I don't want to take it off!

* * *

Moira Sweater Tawny - Sabra Style - Kylie Sabra.

Moira Slacks Tawny - Sabra Style - Kylie Sabra

[LB SunflowerCelticGold] - LB2 - for slink hands - by La Boheme.

Izzie's - Fuyu Lipstick rust
Izzie's - Autumn eyeshadow brown
-Glam Affair - Leah Freckles A
{MUA} - Contouring - Light - Cheeks

MG - Earrings - Karina Court
MG - Necklace - Karina Court - Long
MG - Ring - Karina Court - Large - L

[LeLutka]-ADDISON hair - FireTop, designer Thora Charron.

* * *

Don't I look pleased?!!

* * *

Sabra Style Rose Gallery Artist Series 2014

Welcome again to a gorgeous dress from Sabra Style, classic couture for elegant women! 
I'm so excited about the following announcement:
In conjunction with Kylie Sabra's position as Director of The Rose Art Galleries, she will be producing a monthly selection based on one of the artists' works. It will be called Rose Gallery Artist Series 2014. 
Based on the artwork of Cullum Writer, today's beautiful dress is a collectors edition and will be given away for free at the artist's reception Friday October the 10th at 1:00 pm at The Rose Theatre & Art Gallery. Afterwards, the cost to obtain this fabulous dress will be 1250L$.

* * *

I love everything about this dress -- from the vibrant colors to the way the skirt dances about my legs when I walk. 

Such a romantic offering from Sabra Styles!

Paired with colorful jewelry and makeup, this dress screams, "Here I am! Look! Admire my fabulous fall colors and style!"

This vendor board pic is taken by Kylie Sabra and added with her permission.  

See those words: Nail HUD Included? 
What a great addition to the package!  
Thank you so much for creating this beautiful dress, Kylie!  It is going to be one of my favorites to wear this fall ... and beyond.

* * *

Styling --

Rose Artist Series - Cullum Writer - Sabra Style - Kylie Sabra.

C. Writer nails for Slink, part of dress package from Sabra Style.

BM Amal Sandal for Slink high feet . 

Lazuri Kaya Stone Bracelet 1 - designer Zuri Lyric.
Lazuri Kaya Earrings - 2 - designer Zuri Lyric.

.:CHEVEUX:. F057 Blacks 02, designer Yøωl (mariru.catnap).

Izzie's - Lipstick rust
!Face Paint Front Queen Gold no lip
{MUA} - Contouring - Light - Cheeks

* * *

Sabra Style is located in The Rose Theatre & Art Gallery in Second Life.

Visit in Second Life:

Second Life Marketplace:

* * *

Friday, September 26, 2014

Daytona Dreams Fashion Show for Velvetrythms

Instead of modeling a gorgeous outfit for Southern Style modeling agency this go 'round, as I've done in the past, I'll be hosting a show. Something new for me! 
But joy! joy! 
I still get to wear one of the beautiful creations from the show's line of clothing: Velvetrythms. Franchise store owner Chick Willowind has gathered a collection of amazing designs for Southern Style models to present for viewing.
As a teaser, here are pics of my own hosting outfit. Enjoy!

Love the way this dress flows when I move!

Not just sexy, but elegant, this dress is so much fun to wear. It moves as if alive!

The model/actress comes out in me when I wear this dress, and I have to strut and pose.

I just had to show you the back of this lacy flowing dress.

* * *

Styling Card:

Velvetrythms Black Looninda dress.

EarthStones Gothique Earrings - Silver/Onyx

.:EMO-tions:. *LOVE*

!!SSD ~ Mata Hari jeweled Stiletto ~LBP for sLink high feet

CB ~ Senora make-up red

* * *

Come see the show tomorrow (September 27, 2014 at 1 pm SLT) at the beautiful Star Dust.

For more of Velvetrythms beautiful clothing, check out Chick Willowind's store:

* * *

Monday, September 22, 2014

Backtracking a little: a little story about my sunshine ...

My whole life has been filled with sunshine... the sunshine of a loving family and a passel (yes, that's a word in my neck of the woods) of friends.

Now my husband is gone to the source that sent all of our spirits into this wonderful world where the sun shines on our faces and in our hearts. I'm not alone, though I live alone and am quite comfortable in my alone-ness. But I am easily bored. I couldn't spend all of my time going out into the real life world around me. There are times when I prefer my sole pursuits, when I enjoy the time I have to be my own person and create my own enjoyment. Yes, I admit it! I'm a loner by nature.

When I rejoined Second Life after being gone for a while, my goal was to find an outlet for the creative energy that churns within my soul. I've always had an imagination that would drive a normal person crazy. There are so many things going through my mind at any one moment that I'm surprised I don't live in the loony den.

So on with my story... I entered SL again in January of 2014 with an avatar created several years ago. There was a need to find new friends and reacquaint myself with old. But that wasn't all. I also wanted to make my mark... to be creative... to accomplish something... to find an occupation that would keep me busy and give me a sense of satisfaction at the end of the day.

For a month or so I wandered aimlessly around the grid searching. Then one day I saw some store models doing their thing at one of the SL stores. Hmmm.. I thought.. I could do that! What is so hard about standing on a pose stand or pedestal and just moving around occasionally? Simple. Easy peasy! (I was very naive back then.)

Sooo... how to go about becoming one of those beautifully clothed and coifed models? I ran a search and came up with some names of modeling agencies and academies. That was the start. I won't go into detail except to say that for a while I was like that college grad that just did not want to move on to a job or career. I became a perpetual student of modeling in whatever courses I could afford and get into. The outcome however proves that nothing was wasted.

I met so many great people, mentors, sisters in modeling, friends, etc. that I am overwhelmed by the generosity and love in this industry. I am so happy and having so much fun with my career as a model in this virtual world we either love or hate. My inner sunshine has brightened into a glow that is blinding in its intensity and burning in its heat. 

Thank you, SL! And thank all of you who touched me along the beginnings of my journey and continue to touch me as I travel the catwalks with that cat-that-ate-the-canary smile. 

I am one contented cat! Watch me curl up and stretch in the sunshine of it all!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Some of My Favorite Things

Surprise! I don't always match things exactly.
Like most of us, I'm still learning. But I know what I like and what I don't like. Some of my favorite things are presented here. The styling card will share the whats and where-to-gets. So, here goes ...

This dress feels so "right" on me. I think the shininess makes me believe I am wearing a second skin, and it's slightly rubberized ... like a deep sea diver on land.

BAX boots are the absolute best in my opinion! Before the days of sLink feet, these boots were always my go-to for whenever I wanted perfectly fitted and beautifully styled footwear. There are days even now that we have those wonderful sLink feet when I just want a system foot and want it to look exactly right! BAX does it in spades!

This is about my favorite things, including my dream man ... seen here as I stare off into the mystical future. Are you out there, lover? I can always hope. (See ya at the Junkyard Blues ... hint hint!)

Signing off now with a hope and a dream ... and some of my favorite things.

* * * 

Baiastice_Riana dress, designer Sissy Pessoa.

*League* Merino Leggings - Long - Black, designer Nena Janus.

BAX Prestige Boots Black Leather, designer Bax Coen.

.:cheveux:.F047 Blacks 1, designer Yøωl (mariru.catnap).

IKON 'Sunrise' Eyes - Gold (S), designer Ikon Innovia.

EarthStones Gothique Earrings - Silver/Onyx, designer Abraxxa Anatine.
Blushed - Native Turquoise Ring and Bracelet Set for sLink hands, 

{MUA} - Contouring - Light - Cheeks.
.:Glamorize:. Back to Basics - Black
Izzie's - Geanna Lipgloss pink

* * *

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Fuschia for Fall

I love autumn! My favorite time of year is when the colors of the crops and berries become deep and vibrant and the leaves reflect the glory of the trees. Kylie Sabra has created a perfect long-sleeved knit dress for fall. I'm going to have so much fun wearing this dress, with or without tights.

Show your style while welcoming the cooler days of autumn!

Lazuri's Touch of Stone Fuschia jewelry is the perfect pairing for this fall/winter dress. 

Walk along any street in style with these slightly wild and sexy shoes from [.Twisted Barbie.].

* * *
Styling - 

Lyrica in Fuschia - Sabra Style - Kylie Sabra.


Lazuri Touch of Stone Fuschia Necklace 1 - Zuri Lyric.
Lazuri Touch of Stone Fuschia Stud Earrings - Zuri Lyric.

Black Spiked Heels for Slink High Feet - ϯωιѕϯєȡ вαявιє™ (josie.mikado).

#adored - kormei lipstick - wined
! Face Paint Bronze Plum Eyeshadow
{MUA} - Contouring - Light - Full

Hello Dave - Slink AvEnhance - High Gloss Purple - # 25

Golden Dreams

Another gem of a dress from Sabra Style is this romantic gold gown. From the sleeveless ruffled top to the floating skirt, the whole look epitomizes a cinderella-esque feeling. Who wouldn't love to go to the ball in this wonderful creation ... and perhaps meet a handsome prince?

I feel like a princess already when wearing this dreamy dress!

The ruffle at the top adds that special touch and emphasizes the beautiful fabric of the gown's waist.

What a perfect dress for an autumn ball!

* * * 

Vivienne in Gold - Sabra Style - designer Kylie Sabra.

.:EMO-tions:. *LOVE* in chocolate brown.

Lazuri Sienna Necklace and Earrings, designer Zuri Lyric.

Slink Siren Stilettos Nude Gold for Slink High Feet, designer Siddean Munro.

Slink Avatar Enhancement-Fingernails SUMMER FRENCH SET.

Madrid Solo- Lips- Soft Kisses 11
{MUA} - Contouring - Light - Full
Izzie's - Autumn Eyeshadow brown

* * *

Run, don't walk! to Sabra Style in world at:

or the Second Life Marketplace:

* * *

Monday, September 15, 2014

Strides for Life Calendar and Show (teaser)

What:  Strides for Life Calendar and Show 

When:  October 25, 2014

Where:  L'Amour Runway

Some of the top models on the grid will come together for a production to benefit cancer research. Though Strides for Life is part of the American Cancer Society, it is completely separate from Relay for Life. A benefit auction will take place, as well as other events, all with the theme color in mind:  Pink.

More to be announced later.

Ava Jhamin CEO
L'Amour Productions

Here's the teaser part:

My month is (appropriately) April, and following are pictures and styling card for my Strides for Life outfit. I wanted something to reflect spring, as well as an Asian flavor and with a touch of avant garde (oh, how I love that avant garde!).

Check out these Lady GaGa shoes on the marketplace for only 1L$!

This cute dress has a sexy slit up the sides and is perfect for showing off those fishnet pantyhose.

My favorite find was the headpiece. Isn't it perfect for the color theme of pink?


*DD* Ran Dress Bright Pink, designer Dana DeVaux.

WCI GaGa - Calligraphy - Dragon Brocade shoes, designer BunnyLoven Short

TuTy's - MAIKO updo hairstyle - Smoky black

LaGyo Lobster and flowers headpiece - Carmine, designer LaGyo (gyorgyna.larnia)

Lazuri Kaya Earrings-2, designer Zuri Lyric
SnS - High Noon bracelet in gold from Chop Zuey

Madrid Solo- All That Glitters- Gold
MONS/Makeups - Lipstick Glamorous - hotpink
Eyeliner - Nubian 8
{MUA} - Contouring - Light - Full

**Vextra messing** Fishnet pantyhose ~Black~

Don't miss this October event which will benefit cancer research! 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Sabra Style

Another great outfit from Sabra Style's Kylie Sabra is this adorable Kelsey in B&W pants and top, with accompanying scarf. Stylish enough to wear out on a day trip or for a quiet walk lakeside, the outfit can go almost anywhere. What a great way to preserve our skin's health by adding the Ember B&W hat!

Black and white stripes are featured in the leg cuffs and sleeveless top, as well as the hat. 

Comfortable and stylish white sandals by *Stelloane complete the outfit.

I love love love wearing this pants outfit with my saucy new hairstyle!

Styling Card - 

Kelsey in B&W - Sabra Style - Kylie Sabra

Ember - B&W Hat - Sabra Style - Kylie Sabra

TuTy's Mathilda Bob hair - platinum S

Izzie's - Lipstick cherry
Izzie's - Cat Eyeliner 4
{MUA} - Counturing - Light - Full

Miamai_LacquerSublime Nails for Slink_Rouge

* Stelloane Queenie shoe for Slink high feet in white

Bia - Light Silver Black bracelet