Thursday, October 16, 2014

A New Dawn

There's a new day dawning in the dynamics of Second Life groups. SL4 is a total group experience. It isn't just for fashions or building stuff, and it definitely is not for role play. SL4 is a group which furnishes a place to "be." Yes, there are designer showrooms, but there are also places simply to be with others in the group, to chat, to play games, to take pics, to share ideas and so many more things to do. SL4 is different... and I'll share more soon about this unique new experience in SL and its creator, the man whose brainchild has come to life... Dakota Xavorin.

I know my picture above is rather crazy-colored, but I am so excited that I wanted the dawning of a new day to be shown literally in the colors of dawn. (Call me crazy!)

Thanks, Dakota, for bringing your imagination to life for all of us to enjoy!

* * *

Now for more good stuff --

I found this fantastic outfit in Hilly Haalan's showroom at SL4 group headquarters, which showcases her designs. Group members can find it there, and the rest of you will have to go to her main store.

I'm wearing the Sidney "Autumn Walk" outfit, and isn't it precious?  I love that Hilly uses what I always thought of as a summer color... pink. These adorable slink shoes come with the outfit. 
Isn't she generous!  
And the jacket is so cuddly and warm against those autumn breezes.

* * *

Outfit (found in Hilly's showroom at SL4 group headquarters):
[hh] Sidney "Autumn Walk" Outfit, including leather pants in carbon, leather jacket in pink, tube scarf in rose and shoes for slink feet. in wild current, designer Hilly Haalan.

*Dura-Boys&Girls*49 black

Fantasy Earring NC paris R

.:Glamorize:. KISS ME LIPS [2]
{MUA} - Contouring - Light - Cheeks

IKON Destiny Eyes - Cerulean (S)


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More info:

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