Monday, October 6, 2014

Denim Gone Wild!

I'm so excited about this dress and all that comes with it! 
G-DUBS Closet presents Denim Gone Wild!
Whoever thought you could pair denim with animal print?
But look! It works so well!

These adorable boots and bag come with the dress. 
I love how the boots fit, and what fun to carry such an adorable bag.
Even the seagull is wowed by my whole ensemble!

I couldn't help just standing and looking off into the sunset on this beautiful sim. The Breakers (now called Breakers Islands) is residential and has such things as movies, book clubs, events and much more for the residents.

This stylish outfit also comes with a fluffy jacket, just in case you get cool on these autumn evenings. Here I'm walking on the pier of Breakers Islands enjoying the beautiful play of colors on the water and sky.

G-DUBS Closet is the place to be. 
Run! Don't walk! 
And grab this beautiful animal print and denim outfit.

I love this cloche hat. Isn't it cute?

* * *

G-DUBS Closet's DENIM GONE WILD, including purse, boots, hat and jacket, 
designer V0na Allen.

!Face Paint SweetPea & navy
{MUA} - Contouring - Light - Cheeks

Vanity Hair - My Lady - Noir

::PM:: NOble Earrings
Druidic Nature Necklace - Sacred Oak

IKON *Sunrise* Eyes - Gold

Poses & Light:

* * *

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  1. I really enjoyed this post so much that I actually went to G-Dubs in world to check it out. While I didn't get this particular outfit I did pick up some very nice things! Ty April Sue for your attention to perfection. ~♥Suki