Sunday, October 19, 2014

Morgan in Houndstooth

This week I have a guest model, Morgan, 
who is part of the G-DUBS Closet modeling pool.
(I'd hit the pool with him!)

Anyway, here's my friend Morgan wearing one of Greg DW's designs that can be found 
in the men's section of G-DUBS Closet.

The Drake Houndstooth Coat with Leather trim is very attractive this fall season.  
Any woman would be thrilled to accompany her man wearing this jacket ... 
though, ladies, I see that Morgan is already taken. 
(~le sigh~)

Black dress pants and untied shoes ... typical male habit .. complete the look.
Wish me luck in convincing Morgan to create his own blog and 
start to strut his stuff for you ladies out there!

 * * * 

Jacket and Pants:
G-DUBS Closet Drake Leather Coat Fit - Houndstooth

G-DUBS Closet Cable Knit Sweater (included with the Leather Coat package

[hoorenbeek] Patagonia 2.0 - Loose - Men - Black


Groom Eternity Band

* * *

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